Gadgets and Gizmos

A walk through my world reveals gadgets and gizmos that make my life with one arm a bit easier. A jar opener mounted under a kitchen cabinet. A metal stand to hold my blow dryer. And now, a device that automatically clips my fingernails!

Catch my interview with the son of the inventor HERE.

2 thoughts on “Gadgets and Gizmos

  1. That has to feel pretty awkward to use for the first time! It’s exactly what you said in the one video, I’d be too nervous and cautious thinking my finger would get cut. My husband also mounted a jar opener for me under one of our cabinets, but for some jars I still feel more comfortable trying to hold the jar between my body and edge of the counter. We added a little piece of rubber on the edge of our counter top so the jar doesn’t want to spin as much.

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