“Adventure, Ambition, and Attitude” are Becky’s three favorite words. She has found adventure in her twenty-five years as a pastor, in her goal of exploring all fifty states, and in her love for writing. Becky is the author of One Smile, One Arm: Life Experiences with One Arm (WestBow Press). Over 50,000 people have visited this blog to read her inspirational stories.

Decatur, Alabama, is home and family includes husband Tim, son Isaac, daughter Cassie, son-in-law Chris, and granddaughter Sadie!

The Alexander'sBecky loves to encourage and motivate others by sharing her experiences. She speaks at schools, churches, events, and conferences. She can be reached at:

She blogs her current life experiences at www.beckyalexander.tv.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky,
    First let me make a couple of confessions, #1 I have two arms, #2 I’m being nosy. My 15 yr old daughter joined your group here on face book and i’m checking up on her. I really enjoyed your stories, My daughter Becca, was born with one arm. Reading your stories helps to to see some of the issues she might be dealing with. So thank you for the insight. If you would like to meet Becca, check out rrstar.com for the article about the one armed basketball player You have a great day and God bless you and your family. Sandy


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