Summer is my fourth favorite season. Fall is my all-time favorite by a huge margin, followed by winter, then spring.

Summer is too hot. It gets eight hundred and forty-seven degrees in Alabama. Wearing my prosthetic left arm is like wearing a winter coat. If you’ve ever had a cast in the summer months, you know what I mean. Sweaty and hot—that’s how I feel from June 1st to August 31st.

Then there’s the issue of summer clothes. They just don’t cover all the stuff I need to cover. My prosthesis is held on by a series of straps on my left shoulder, across my back, and looped under my right arm. Those cute little t-shirts at Rue 21 with the cap sleeves and fun graphics are out. Also out are tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and sundresses. In fact, I estimate that 90% of clothes in any given store won’t work for me.

Four rules apply when I shop. First, tops can’t be tight. Spandex is not my friend. Second, material can’t be thin and somewhat sheer. Third, necklines have to be high and small in diameter, like a shirt with a collar or a crew neck. And fourth, sleeves need to be preferably three-quarter length, or at least close to elbow length. Going out with short sleeves guarantees I will be met with questions and stares. Just this month I’ve been interrogated by the UPS man and the guy bagging my groceries at Publix. If I had been wearing longer sleeves, they would have never noticed.

Interestingly, I have discovered that guys’ shirts work better than girls’. I search the guys’ departments at Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Old Navy for girly colors. I’ve managed to find lime green, turquoise with silver graphics, bright yellow, and powder blue. When I put those with some funky shoes, nobody knows the difference.

Yes, summer does fall at the bottom of my favorite season list. But to be fair, I have admit there are some good things about it—fresh watermelon smoothies, longer days of sunshine, July 4th fireworks, and…it only lasts 92 days!


It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth; you made both summer and winter. Psalm 74:17 (NIV)

Watermelon Smoothie

4 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Every prosthesis has its issues. You are certainly right about overheating. My daughter, Megan, loves the summer because her above knee prosthesis is easier to fit into shorts. But the socket wears holes into the back thigh area. Jeans last the longest. Dress pants, one wear or so. And shoes! Oh, the shoes. Her prosthetic foot is not exactly the same size as her own and can’t take any heel. She is limited to slip-on, canvas shoes or her very expensive rafting sandals. Works while she’s a student. I hope she can find a work environment that is understanding.


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