Alabama Heat

The temperature had reached 91 on that August day in Alabama. With the dripping humidity, the heat index was bumping 106. I usually don’t go into public places with sleeves shorter than three-quarter length, but that day I succumbed to the heat and wore a short-sleeved t-shirt while running errands.

The first stop on my “To Do List” was Gloria’s Good Health to pick up some vitamins. I whipped my Toyota into a parking spot and walked quickly into the crowded store. I had only taken about ten steps inside the door when I heard someone exclaim loudly, “WHAT HAPPENED?”

I looked in the direction of the woman’s voice, as did everyone else in the store. She was gawking at me. I decided to mess with her. “What do you mean?” I asked, tipping my head sideways and trying to appear puzzled.

“Your arm! What happened?” the woman almost yelled. Of course, all eyes had moved from her to me at this point.

“I was born with one arm,” I tried to say nicely.

She wouldn’t shut up. “Well, it looks so good!” she continued, referring to my prosthesis. “Have you learned to use it?”

“Yes,” I stated bluntly. I turned and walked over to the vitamin shelf, still feeling the stares of the customers…

Sometimes I just want to run errands without being the center of attention.


Many gasp in alarm when they see me, but you take me in stride. Psalm 71:7 (MSG)

Melting in the August heat in Mentone, AL, but having fun on the 600-Mile Yard Sale! (No that isn’t my truck–I just thought it was funny.)

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