Jingling Sound

Yesterday I fell UP the steps. I have five steps from my bedroom up to the landing in front of my bathroom and three steps from that landing up to my loft office. It happened on those last three steps. The problem is I don’t walk up steps, I run. I have always done that. No need to waste time on steps. But yesterday morning my Yellow Box flip-flops tripped me and I arrived in my office on all fours.

I hit hard. I felt nauseated. I began to evaluate the damage. Right wrist and elbow hurting a bit. Neck experiencing some pain. Left knee aching and scraped through my jeans. Left prosthetic arm making a funny jingling sound. Not good.

When I fell, I had my prosthetic arm bent at the elbow, locked into a ninety-degree angle. I landed with great force on the forearm. Had I knocked a hole in it? No. Had I cracked it? No. Had I broken the forearm from the elbow? No. Would the elbow unlock and lock into positions? Uh, oh. Normally I had ten positions, from arm fully extended to arm fully bent. Not anymore. I had totally taken out the center positions.

So I get to spend my off day today at the prosthetics facility. No offense to my friends at Fourroux Prosthetics; they are the best. The way I have it pictured, there’s a wheel with notches and teeth inside the elbow. I think one or two of my teeth are rolling around loose.  Hey, I wonder if the Fourroux Team can help my bruises and pain. Probably not. I don’t think they deal in flesh and blood repairs.


If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:23-24 (NIV)

My Missing Tooth

Author’s Note: I was right. When my elbow was disassembled, we found a knocked out “tooth.” I hit hard enough to shear off 3/16″ steel!

8 thoughts on “Jingling Sound

  1. Becky,

    There’s a bit of wisdom in taking things “one step at a time”. Especially after attaining the age of 4?.

    Hope the mechanical repairs are not too costly. Now slow down, act your age, and firmly experience each and every step. A step missed could be bad logic (in a computer program, for instance).



  2. I used to get “Speeding Tickets” for running up the stairs when I was in high school back in the 50’s. 1951-1955. So I learned at an early age not to run up stairs. I was reminded about that at the class reunion a few weeks ago.

    We just had our 55 anniversary of graduation on the 17th of April. If you want to see some photos of old people (not old photos), click this link:


    Trusting God to heal you real quick! Thanks for the story!

    God bless you and yours,


  3. Becky, I must confess…I’m a stair runner, too. I even prefer running up or down stairs to taking escalators. Too slow! And I don’t like standing still. It annoys Dewayne, but I like to think I’m burning off a few extra calories and I get places quicker. I’m afraid I’ve always preferred running to walking. The danger is in having your mind on something else while you’re doing the running. You lose your focus and miss a step. Don’t give up on the stair running…just remember to FOCUS. Hope you feel better! Love getting your stories!


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